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Building People in Health Care

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Health Care is fundamental to the economic and social development and growth of any community. Temasek Foundation International supports the training of health care professionals, educators, nurses and specialists, and the upgrading of nursing curriculum, pedagogy and standards, so that better quality of care can be provided in hospitals and health care institutions. Programmes we support include the training of nurse leaders and specialists in improving standards of nursing care, and the training of community health workers in promoting public health education in their local communities.

Key Programmes

Nursing Management

Nurses are at the forefront of providing patient care. They need constant support and training to improve their knowledge and skills so they can provide patients with the best available care. Temasek Foundation International supports programmes that build capabilities and skills of nurse leaders and specialists in the region. Countries that have partnered us in these programmes include Bhutan, China and Indonesia.

Health Care Management

Hospitals and public health care systems are complex organisations to manage. Good leadership and management can go a long way to bring about high quality patient care. Health Care Management programmes support public health officials in managing hospitals and health care systems. Countries that have partnered us in these programmes include India, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam.

Public Health

Public Health programmes help to raise awareness of good practices in public health and nutrition, and the overall public health management to promote the overall public health status of a country. Countries that have partnered us in these programmes include Cambodia, Lao PDR and Mongolia.