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Alumni Activities

Alumni Activities

With over 30,000 participants of our past programmes - our alumni, coming from all across Asia, Temasek Foundation International feels at home in almost every city we visit as there is always a friend to say hello to and to reconnect with. In the past year, we took the chance to reunite and reconnect with leaders and our alumni in Philippines, Mongolia and Thailand.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – 4 September 2018

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Our first ever gathering in Mongolia was attended by more than 15 senior leaders and specialists who were our alumni from programmes ranging from Education, Health Care and Public Administration.

Manila, Philippines – 16 April 2018

Manila, Philippines

We reconnected with about 10 alumni in Manila, Philippines. The intimate gathering was attended by our past participants in public administration and urban management.

Bangkok, Thailand – 31 January 2018

phnom penh, cambodia

We were delighted to say hello again to about 35 alumni at Bangkok, Thailand. With a wide range of alumni from student leaders, educators, health care specialists to government officials, it was a night of both reminiscence and making experiences as participants caught up with their old programme mates and made new connections.

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