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Past Alumni Activities

Past Alumni Activities

Below are more details and information of our past alumni activities.

Colombo, Sri Lanka – 19 October 2017

Colombo, Sri Lanka

We hosted 26 alumni from Sri Lanka who came from different backgrounds which include government officials, journalists and education leaders.  It was a night of reconnection and friendship, as many caught up with their past programme mates and also got to know new friends.

Chengdu, China – 20 June 2017

Chengdu, China

We were delighted to meet up with almost 30 alumni in Chengdu, China for a dinner filled with friendship and warm Chengdu hospitality. These alumni participants range from nurse leaders to senior management from leading Universities and colleges and they were part of our past programmes in health care and education respectively. 

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – 9 January 2017

phnom penh, cambodia

We reconnected with 29 of our alumni from Cambodia that hailed from diverse backgrounds ranging from young leaders that were part of our university student exchange programme to senior leaders in various ministries such as economy and finance, foreign affairs, labour and vocational training, civil service, la

Shanghai, China – 19 October 2016

shanghai, china

We hosted 40 nurse leaders and specialists from the Shanghai Ruijin Hospital who were part of a nursing capability programme in 2012. The participants were excited to share about the progress that had been made since the completion of the training as well as their aspirations to make even more improvements to benefit their communities.

Bangkok, Thailand – 6 June 2016

bangkok, thailand

We met up with 23 alumni from Mahidol University, Siriraj Hospital, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital and the Thai Red Cross College of Nursing. They were part of a group of nurse leaders and specialists who participated in a nursing programme in 2014.

Vientiane, Lao PDR – 25 February 2016

vientiane, lao pdr

We reconnected with 25 of our alumni from Lao PDR. Among those present were participants from our Nursing, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, and the TF Intl LEaRN programme.

Singapore – 17 September 2015


We hosted 23 youth leaders from across Asia that were past participants from our university student exchange programme, the TF Intl LEaRN programme. They were in Singapore for the Ecosperity 2015 Conference that was co-organised by Temasek.

Nanning, China – 15 & 16 July 2015

nanning, china

We met up with 23 alumni over two nights. The alumni members were participants of a capability building programme in MBA curricula, leadership, and faculty development, as well as a Technical and Vocational Education and Training programme.