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Building Bridges

Building Bridges

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Asia, home to four billion people, is a community of diverse regions, languages, cultures and faiths. Embracing this diversity, Temasek Foundation International supports networking platforms for students, leaders, and opinion-shapers from different countries to come together as one community to learn together, share experiences, and build upon the diversity of cultures.

Key Programmes

Student Leaders Exchange

Student-leader exchange programmes provide opportunities for young leaders from polytechnics, technical institutes, and universities in Asia to develop connections, participate in cross-border community projects, and in the process, develop a better understanding of the diverse backgrounds and cultures of one another.

The Temasek Foundation International Leadership Enrichment and Regional Networking (TF Intl LEaRN) programme and the Temasek Foundation International Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange (TF Intl SCALE) programme provide students leaders with meaningful opportunities for learning and exchange, and engagement on community service projects.

Leaders Network

Across communities where Temasek Foundation International programmes have been implemented, leaders and senior-level administrators from the various host communities have been instrumental in steering and managing the implementation of the programmes and ensuring their success. The foundation continues to actively engage these leaders and facilitate opportunities for further learning.

A key programme is the annual Temasek Foundation International Asia Leaders Connect where government and public sector leaders gather in Singapore for a two-day forum to foster learning and networking, and exchange views on governance and public administration challenges.

Journalism Fellowship

Since 2009, Temasek Foundation International has been funding an annual three-month fellowship programme for regional mid-career journalists to engage in professional and cultural exchange. Hosted in Singapore, the Asia Journalism Fellowship (AJF) provides a platform for the journalists to hone their understanding of media trends and issues across Asia.

For more information on the Fellowship, please visit the AJF website.