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Building Institutions

Building Institutions

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National and local institutions of governance, regulatory frameworks and public policy and public administration capabilities constitute the macrosystems that help to foster a conducive environment for economic growth and development. As centres of growth, trade, and business, cities need to be well-planned in its management of water and utilities, waste management, housing, transportation, and communications. Temasek Foundation International lends its support to programmes that moot the exchange of ideas that shape economic development, urban development and public administration policies, regulations and systems.

Key Programmes

Public Administration

Public institutions lead the efforts in economic, social and cultural progress of a community. The roles and functions of public administration are dynamic and constantly evolving in response to the changing needs and demands of society. The foundation supports programmes that assist policy leaders and public service officials to respond to the evolving needs of their communities. Countries that partnered us on these programmes include Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.

Urban Management

Urban cities are gateways to economic and social development. As cities and their urban populations continue to grow, policy makers and city planners face challenges in ensuring that their cities are sustainable and liveable. The urban development of cities is guided by a myriad of considerations such as environmental and natural resources, which needs to be balanced with planning and optimising the use of land and space to provide for the community’s needs.

Temasek Foundation International supports urban management programmes that promote understanding among policy-makers and city-planners on developing a roadmap for their cities to grow in a sustainable manner. Countries that partnered us on these programmes include Cambodia, India and Myanmar.