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Rebuilding Lives

Rebuilding Lives

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Communities struck by disasters suffer for long periods in their journey of recovery, especially affecting their physical, mental, emotional and economic well-being. Temasek Foundation International is committed to supporting communities affected by such disasters through disaster-preparedness capability programmes and post-disaster rehabilitation efforts to help rebuild lives and livelihoods.

Key Programmes

Disaster Preparedness

As the world’s biggest continent, Asia is a region vulnerable to natural disasters. Communities susceptible to the forces of nature need to be better prepared to respond in the event of a disaster. Temasek Foundation International supports communities in seismic-prone regions to strengthen their low-rise buildings in wall-strengthening techniques. Other programmes include programmes to develop skills and knowledge in holistic integrated disaster management planning. Countries that have partnered us in these programmes include India, Nepal and Philippines.

Post-disaster Recovery

Temasek Foundation International supports programmes that help rebuild communities affected by natural disasters. One of the programmes include building capabilities in the area of rice research to develop suitable rice varieties for areas affected by tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia. Another programme was on developing post-disaster management plans focusing on the mental well-being for those affected by disasters. Countries that have partnered us in these programmes include China, Indonesia and Thailand.